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If your home is located in North Houston you found the right Houston air conditioner repair contractor. To schedule fast service, or to talk directly to an HVAC technician, call today…Based in Humble TX, we service & install heating & cooling systems in Houston, Humble, Kingwood, Spring, & The Woodlands. Our Houston air conditioner repair technicians are trained, certified, bonded, & insured. We service all makes and models, & can get to your home or business fast!

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Choosing The Right Houston Air Conditioner Repair

At Air Houston Mechanical we know choosing the right Houston air conditioner repair contractor is not something most people take lightly. You might be setting up preventative maintenance. Or you need your ac unit fixed fast! Or perhaps you are buying a new air conditioner… Choices about your home are not that simple. You need to take several things into consideration. Deciding if you will be purchasing a new air conditioning system. Or opting for Houston air conditioner repair service is difficult. Call Air Houston Mechanical and you will be able to tell right away that you are talking to the right people…

Air Conditioning Systems – Residential & Commercial

Our residential & commercial Houston air conditioner repair technicians are fully trained. Trained, bonded & insured. We take pride in providing our professional HVAC services. We will properly analyze and diagnose your HVAC system. Our HVAC repair services are fast! Fast, affordable, & dependable! We have the best equipment & high velocity air conditioning units. We will also ensure that your new, or repaired, heating & air system is properly sized. Sized to provide maximum comfort for your family.

HVAC Equipment – Common Questions

During our daily ac repair rounds we are often asked questions. The most common question is… Should we repair or replace our central air conditioner? This is always a difficult a decision. On one hand you don’t want to spend money on a new system. On the other hand. You don’t want to throw good money after bad. It really boils down to the condition, age, and brand of your air conditioning equipment. If your current system has been properly maintained, then perhaps the current repair is isolated to a single problem. In this case it makes sense to call a Houston air conditioner repair contractor. Even if a cooling unit has been properly maintained… It does not always mean it can be fixed. You will also want to consider the SEER efficiency ratio & the age of the unit.

What To Look For In A Houston Air Conditioner Repair Contractor

Houston air conditioner repair blue & white best service logoReliability – Hire A Reliable A/C Contractor

Some people would think that the process of repairing, or buying a new air conditioner is easy. Choosing the product itself is only half of the work. First you need to determine the reasons why you will choose a certain model. This is going to make it possible for you to invest in the ideal HVAC air conditioning system for your home.

Trust – Trust Air Houston Mechanical For Reliable Recommendations

If you hired a Houston air conditioner repair contractor let this person do their thing. They will make sure that they provide the best service. The best service for your needs. That is their job, and they are supposed to be good at it.

Quality – We Only Sell & Use Top Of The Line HVAC Central Air Systems

Never expect some unknown brand to be as good as a mainstream brand. You might find some kind of hidden gem. Every now and then. But when you try your luck with an unknown brand the result might not be good. For the most part your best bet is going with a brand that you know & trust.

AC Equipment That Fits – Select A System That Matches Your Home

Your ac Houston air conditioner repair contractor should be able to provide good advice. Advice on the kind of air conditioning system that you need to install. There are some factors like climate & the placement of air ducts And the size of the house that will all need to be considered.

Air Quality

Breathing contaminated air could put your family’s health at risk. The American College of Allergist says that 50% of illnesses are caused by polluted air. Because this is serious. We recommend getting an air quality inspection. Taking control of your home’s air quality is important. It starts with selecting the right Houston air conditioner repair company. You can trust Air Houston Mechanical. Trust us to make sure you are breathing clean air. One of our central air conditioning heating & cooling HVAC technicians will explain everything. Explain it & make sure your home has clean air!

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Efficiency – Energy Efficient Humble TX Air Conditioning Systems

Don’t expect that a huge Humble TX air conditioning unit is going to be the best choice. Just because of its size. There are some incredibly powerful air conditioner units that are quite small. Small but able to handle the cooling of your home.

Now & The Future – Long Term Kingwood Air Conditioner Plans

You should be looking for a Kingwood air conditioner unit based on many factors. It should be able to save more money on your energy bills. The point is that there is nothing more important than saving in the long run. If you focus on short term savings. You might be paying the price in the long run.

Heat – Not A Lot, But You Will Need To Use The Heat

You should never change your air conditioner without changing the air handler. A good Houston air conditioner repair company will tell you this. It is something that is going to have an effect on your comfort. Always take the time to find out as much as you can. Do this before you decide to bring a new air conditioner into your home.

Vents & Duct-work – Total Houston Air Conditioner System Efficiency

There is a big problem when you looking for a Houston air conditioner repair company and they do not know about air ducts… An ac unit operating with bad air ducts is not good. This will immediately make the ac unit perform poorly. Air Houston Mechanical can service or install most major brands & set the air ducts correctly at the same time.